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Poems from Moises

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Moises is a student that the Quirante Family sponsored when we were in the Philippines. These are a couple of poems that he wrote for us.

In The Midst of the Storm

By: Moises I. olarte

 From the three regions’ of the Philippines,

Wanting in material riches people form for a purpose.

A place called AUP where God gathering them,

Continually asking, how and why God brought them there.

 Tears start falling while they where questioning,

Trying to find answer to all their questionings.

Finding ways to step backward and turn to usual things,

Yet, in a simple way, God always cross their way.

 Storms and rains of sorrows that seems no ending,

Makes them kneel and pray for God’s help and leadings.

Faith and hope have strengthen to make them stand,

And realized, their true friend, God have hold them tight.

  In unexpected moment of their challenging life,

God’s special servants came from a far land.

Sharing the bountiful love and blessings which God given them,

Keep inspiring the young people that god cares for them.

 God’s special people on the highest place of living,

Turn their back and look towards working students.

Study hard! Don’t give up! Their best wishes for us

And looking forward that each of us, never ever give up.


By; Moises I. Olarte

 As I look behind in my darkest time,

I saw how far, God walked with me.

He taught me how to step, in His humble way,

And not to give up whenever things seems dismay.

 I have felt beaten by the world,

And felt that my spirit had been stripped.

I felt that no one cares about my future.

I was lying on the road as many passed by.

 But today I am thankful and overjoyed,

For there is a family who’s aware of my need.

They did their best and reach me out,

And took the time to bring comfort to my wounds.

 They showed how they really cared for me,

And supported me when I couldn’t stand on my own.

God cared enough to see hope in my future,

He use my “neighbor” to extended His love to me.

 Through my simple poem, we can express how we reallyare  blessed to have you  be a part of our life.

 love Moises


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