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Every few days, we are blesssed to receive such wonderful email messages from the students at AUP. Here is an example of an email that truly touches your heart and lets you know that our Mission of Hope is powerful and in line with God’s message of loving others.

Dear Mamma Q,
            I never thought that it was gonna happen in this way.I never know that God was going to put me into your path and help me and love me as your son.I really appreciate how you care so much for me,for my brother and my sisters. I wish that as you continue reading this message of mine for you, hoping that you would feel our warm embracse.I believe that even though how apart we are from each other, our distance is only our knee and the floor that while we are missing and thinking about each other, God will bind us through our sincere prayers.I cannot control the tears that fall from my eyes. I realized now why God didn’t allow me to stop my study.He wants me to carry the light which your whole family are always carrying, a light that help others to enlighten them in their right path,a light of helping hearts that inspires others to be eager to reach the goals in life.
You know that I am not good in English but it is God’s wisdom He shares so I could express how precious you all are to me and my siblings .I am always praying for you all…take good care.. Anyway, if you would allow my request, mamma q, I would like to have a copy of our pictures..I wish to have also your family picture..I have to make a requirements in one of my education subjects. I want to make it more special.. Also. I may have the time to see all of your sweet smiles aside from your images which are living in my mind and in the very bottom of my heart. It is indeed that love make a way.I will always be okay together with my siblings here because God always hears every word of our prayers. bye bye for now…love you…


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