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Have you ever felt like you are just not worthy of being….not worthy of having…not worthy period. It is such a blessing to know that the Mission of Hope provides “HOPE” for students who feel that they are just not worthy. Here is an example:

 I am so glad that I can communicate to you. Kamusta po kayo? In English— How are you?  ha ha you have to learn too mamma Q  he he he 
I am fine and challenge for the new challenges of life though I’m busy still God always let me feels His presence and helps me to do things which are beyond my strength. I am so much inspired by your goodness because sometimes when I think that I can do it no more and almost cry for the burdens I have, I just think of Gods blessing through you by giving the scholarship in which I am not qualified. It really makes me cry for you’ve been such a blessing for as all.

Thank you so much for the privilege that you gave me. My family also wants to extend their thanks and regards to you.  May God always be praise!! Good health for you and for your family.. Without such wonderful people such as you, I would not be able to finish my education and help my family. May God bless you and your family forever.

Lots of love,


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