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In the mix of a storm

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We often don’t know what’s happening in places across the world, that is unless you have 600+ students who email you often and tell you how they are doing. Here is such an email that shows the bond that you develop with these kids when you go on a Mission of Hope mission trip.

Mamaa Q,
Hello..!How are you  there?I am hoping that you all are in good condition.I am with my co-officers of the WSA together with the family of ma’am Mylene, and sir Ferdie.We visit one of the church in laguna and handled the program the whole sabbath.all of us were blessed and they are requesting us to come again and I dont know wether we could come again or not. Anyway, mamma Q, I am so sorry if I have not send you an email since last friday. All the internet connections here in AUP were destroyed by the typhoon last tuesday night. We have had  no classes since last Wednesday, because the electricity are block out.  You know what I did that whole day?I helped my former co-worker in our dorm in cleaning the surroundings the I proceed to ma’am Flor and helped them also and their neighbor next to them.after a tiring moment ma’am Flor invited me to have my lunch in their house so we’ve lunch together.oh! that moment,I cooked “ginataang gabi”(ask daddy q about it. Ha ha)Then before I got to the dorm they gave me a plastic of Delicious rambutan.  That day was a very tiring day but I am happy coz I have experience to help.I felt something alike of your feelings on the way you are helping us especially me. Thank you so much for you have helped me learn about helping others without expecting something in return.And last Friday together with Filger,we did a class observation(one of our requirement to fulfill our FS and portfolio)on how the teacher dealing the students on teaching mathematics in secondary level(the academy) .after that, we walked outside the campus and find internet available because we need to search for some of our assignments then I was able to open my yahoo mail and facebook account for the short period of time  so I just wrote a short email for you  now. We are ok here mamma q – so please don’t worry about us. God will take care of us. love you mamma q. with love,


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