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Next Semester is starting…

The students in the Philippines have a different school schedule than we do here in the United States. The start their first semester in July and it ends in October. It starts back in Nov and goes through March/April.  The Quirante family provided a full scholarship to one student and split a scholarship for a second student. It is a blessing to help these students. The Mission of Hope was able to provide partial scholarships for 9 additional students. See project #8 if you are inspired to help sponsor a student. It’s easy and you will have a friend for life!

Dear mamma Q:
May heaven’s richest blessings be poured upon you and your family and abound. It was an unmeasurable happiness I had when I received the WSA Scholarship.never ever in my life have I received money even  from my parents amounting 2000 pesos above. We’re really poor.God’s goodness is truly fathomless! Having His unexpected way to cross our ways and help me to stand is so wonderful for an ordinary person like me. Thank you so much for your love and support you are giving me. hoping that on or before november I will give you the records of my grades the whole semester. Next week will be our final examinations and hoping I could enroll this week.  Mamma q, I am planning to enroll in these subjects for this second semester;
General physics lectur e& laboratory -5 units
Deferential Equations                        -3 units
Complex analysis                               -3 units
Human Growth                                    -3 units
Driving (vocational elective)              -2 units
NSTP II                                                 -1.5 units
College Algebra                                  -3 units
Statistics                                               3 units
     Algebra, Statistics, and Communication arts II are my subjects which I did not taken seriously before when I first came here. And I need to retake it in-order for me finish. I have decided to take Com arts ll by first semester next year. I will be starting my Thesis this 2nd sem that is why I did not take an over load.  I am also planning to cook for my food this 2nd sem. Is it ok to you?  I saw how busy you are there. thank you mama q for having  time in sharing  how you are doing there.  I am missing you all. please give my love and regards to them,to daddy q, to your daughters and to our friends….I will tell your more after the finals….Bye bye for now…. I love you ………
With much love, Moises


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