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You never know who crosses your path…

What a blessing it is to witness God’s plan. When preparing the list of projects for next year’s mission trip, one project that was planned was collecting computers for these working students who stay up late in the evening just to use the computer to finish school work, work on projects, or to get on the internet and shoot us off an email telling us how their week has been going. Last year, the Mission of Hope Team donated 4 laptops to the guidance office so that the working student officers could access them anytime they needed them. We were hoping that this year we could take at least 30 with us.  This is where the story begins….    I was having some problems with my computer at work, and Greg Arnold our IT guy come over to fix it. He noticed pictures on the computer of the AUP kids and asked who they were…one thing led to another and he said, “I really would like to go on a mission trip like this.”   We talked about the various things that we do when we are there, and he said that he could help us out with the computers. What a blessing!  Prayers answered!  Yesterday, as we all were rearranging and cleaning the office, the CFO at my office, asked Greg to take 5 computers with him to clean up saying that he was going to donate them to the Mission of Hope.  Again, more blessings and prayers answered!  5 down 25 more to go. We can do it!!!


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