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We’re Heading Back!

Image                                                                                                                                                    What a blessing and opportunity that we have to return to the Adventist University in the Philippines (AUP) for another mission outreach. We are family with over 600 hard working students and a host of faculty and staff that welcome us with open arms. We bring toiletries/supplies for personal use and for school to these students in need. We are so richly blessed by their love,  their honesty, and their passion for life and for our Lord. Our faith and passion for human beings are always taken to another level while we are there. Being “Mamma and Daddy Q” to a host of sweet and loving young men and women is a joy and a delight that could never fully be put into words. We’ve always said that if God wan’ts us to continue our travels to this beautiful campus, then he will provide. This year, like others over the last 4 years, he has! We will leave the United States on May 18th and make our way across the world. A 23 hour trip that will be long but so fullfilling. Check back often to meet the rest of the Mission of Hope team who will travel this year, and our progress..


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