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Message from the CEO-President of Mission of Hope

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Message from CEO-President of Mission of Hope – Teresa Quirante

“I think that people of today care very little about what a man or woman knows; but rather what a person is able to do with their talents and love for others that really matters.”  

We all want to be a part of something greater than ourselves; something that really makes a difference. Contributing one’s self and being a part of something significant is a primary means to greater happiness and fulfillment. Have you ever considered what change you want to see in the world or what you want to accomplish that will have a positive impact on the lives of others?

Many people who want to live a life of significance and make a contribution to the world never take the necessary steps or put in the work that is required. This may be because they don’t believe their lofty goals to change the world are possible, or perhaps they lose the motivation and dedication over time. Have you ever felt compelled to do something for others but held back because it seemed out of reach? Did you give up because you encountered obstacles and setbacks?

What is your Life’s Mission?

We are all on the earth for a reason. We have unique gifts, talents, strengths, and passions that have enabled us to make an impact in other people’s lives. Your particular mission is the thing you can do that is most true to who you are. It takes a connection with your inner experience of what is most valuable and important. The more you want something and the more you believe it’s possible to achieve it, the more motivated you will be. This is important because even when someone is following a “calling” or pursuing their passions they will still encounter obstacles and struggles. I can personally testify that following “your calling” is not always easy. Being prepared to deal with these moments of question requires that we remain confident in our abilities and emotionally committed to our goal and ultimately in tune with our faith.

The Mission of Hope was created in 2009 out of this very passion. It was a desire to contribute to the basic needs of young people and to provide them with love and hope for a bright future. To be able to promote the concept of loving God, loving people, and at the same time providing Hope to those who crossed our paths, led us to the point that we are at today with incorporating the Mission of Hope – Philippines as a legally recognized Non-Profit entity.

What’s next?

When you want something bad enough I’m sure you do whatever it takes to accomplish the goal.  It’s a need to have a purpose and conviction for achieving goals and to step up to own them and really want to accomplish them.

I truly feel that My life’s mission is to help young people see their potential in life and to let them know that there IS Hope when it seems like the entire world is shouting “no”!

By getting involved, communicating, listening, uncovering life’s purposes, and helping young people reach toward their human potential, there is no stopping what the Mission of Hope Team can do! Because where there is hope, there is faith, and where there is faith, miracles can happen!


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