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Supplies are rolling in already!


We have been so blessed to have started receiving such ample supplies of donated items. We have already collected 484 Twin Blankets, 443 Bath Towels, 83 wash cloths, 27 pillow cases,157 Sheets, 1284 Spiral notebooks for school, 183 bibles, 56 devotional books, and 462 misc religious books for the theology students. While this is a great start, we are so far away from our goals. PLEASE visit our Project Page to see how you can help!


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  1. Ceasar Rodriguez

    Hi, my name is Ceasar Rodriguez and I would like to be part of your team. my dream when I get out the military has always been to help my native country in the same way you are helping the philippines’s kids. I used to work in Import/Export and I do have a Degree in International Relations. So we can make this Mission of Hope bigger if we want. I spoke with Teresa on Mission Sabath about to be a volunteer but nobody has called me yet. Looking forward to help in any possible way.


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