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Wow – when you put things in God’s hands – wonderful and marvelous things happen.  Prom Amoguis, Executive Director for Mission of Hope. arrived safely in the Philippines on Tuesday October 21, 2014. No rest time for the weary as he hit the ground running. Meetings were held with Dr. Gayoba, Dr. Cadalig, and Mr. Olarte – Director of Student Finance. AUP’s Administrative Council HAS APPROVED the request of Mission of Hope to lease farm land on the campus of AUP for the SNAP Program (Student Nutrition Assistance Program). Prom was the guest speaker at the recent Sundown Worship Service for the students where He announced Mission of Hope’s intention to end the problem of hunger with our SNAP program. There were overwhelming cheers from the students and commitment on their end to help with the clearing and cleaning of the site to get the farm started.
MAKE A DIFFERENCE:  Your contributions enable Mission of Hope to mobilize students to end their own hunger and poverty. Whether you’re a student, a teacher, a corporate representative, or a concerned citizen, there’s plenty that you can do to get involved and help put an end to this urgent problem of student hunger. Make October the month to do something. Make an Investment that you can actually watch grow!    
If you have any questions, please contact Teresa Quirante, founder of Mission of Hope at or by phone at 615-866-8897 any time.

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