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Ahead of New Year’s Day this week, millions of people are pondering and bragging about their “resolutions” for 2015. Announcing to any and every person who would give an ear, that they are going to lose weight, stop drinking, stop smoking, spend more time with the family, or perhaps invest more time at the gym. Unfortunately, most of the time our new called vision extends no further than our very own noses and our “Me Orientated” resolutions pitter out after just a few short weeks. In a matter of months, and sometimes even a few weeks, we’ve forgotten all about our ‘new improved’ character, which results in feelings of frustration and failure.

If you ask the experts about resolutions,  they tell us not to elevate our expectations too high. But on the other hand, I would question if we fail because we don’t set out goals high enough. What if we looked outward instead of inward when making our declarations for 2015? Would we then be able to complete a year feeling satisfied about helping others rather than contemptuous about ourselves? I’d like to take a risk and suggest one resolution that might last a year, or, maybe even, a lifetime. A resolution that makes you feel good about yourself while simultaneously including others.

The idea or concept is rather simple. You do something good for other people. You make an investment that you can truly watch grow and blossom. This year, you can make a commitment to make the world a better place. In our case – it is helping the Mission of Hope improve the lives of 850+ students in the Philippines.

Will you step up this year and take the challenge? To be able to reach out and touch more people than you could possibly ever imagine but simply making a commitment a resolution for 2015. Just by opening your heart and giving. Trust in the goodness of man and allow yourself to be overwhelmed with contentment of knowing your are doing something good for others. There are many ways to touch people’s hearts. An action, a hug, a word, a smile, or a simple monthly donation to Mission of Hope-Philippines. Just think, if 100’s of us this month sign up to donate just $20 a month – imagine the mouths we could feed, the school supplies & uniforms that we could buy, the personal care items that we could give out, or the scholarships that we could give a young person to get an education.

Would you really even miss $20 a month? Perhaps you could donate $30 or $50 or $100 a month. Every little bit helps lead the way to a brighter future for the students that we sponsor. Take the step, make the commitment to help Mission of Hope – a non –profit charity help these students in need. Together we can truly change the world….one step at a time.

Make it your resolution this year to make someone’s day. See how it makes YOU feel.

Visit our “DONATE NOW” at the top right of our website home page to start your monthly donation

For more information about Mission of Hope-Philippines contact President & CEO Teresa Quirante at  (615) 866-8897


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