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  1. Amadeo Panganiban

    Hellow Ma”am Im Amadeo Panganiban Im intersted to jion in the Foundation because Im also a Working before since 1986-2007 as a Theology Student my first work is in Cadena de Amor hall ( ladies dormitory) my supervisor is Ma”am Flor Marticio.. you can ask him about me.

    Im here in USA as a L.E. Missionary since 2007 our first Mission field is in Houston Texas after 1year & half in transfer in California. Ask of now im still full time Volunteer Missionary here in San Francisco Fil-Am SDA in Pacifica CA. I would like to help to the Mission of Hope for the benefit of working Student. to propose a Project Senior Citizen Retirement to AUP & the Care giver is Working Student I will send you the Proposal in your email. so you can study & lets talk set a meeting about the proposal we talk already the AUP President Pastor Gayoba & Ma”am Marticio, the FAMMANA officer about this & they are positive.

    I will send you the proposal information about this and lets talk about it this is for the benefit of working student… God Bless

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