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CFO Position Needed for Mission of Hope

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Mission of Hope Has an Opening for a CFO:

A nonprofit’s chief financial officer is one of the most important people within the organization. They can make a significant difference in the organization’s ability to accomplish its mission and continuing to provide services and thrive in the future. As organizations’ finances come increasingly under public scrutiny, a good CFO is needed to handle red tape, fast growth and complex issues that might drag down a well-meaning nonprofit

Nonprofit CFOs can find their jobs rewarding and fulfilling, especially if they are working for a cause that they believe in. Mission of Hope is looking for a volunteer that is knowledgeable about the intricate ins and outs of nonprofit finance rules. They must understand how to deal with resource constraints and handle problems that arise as we work with the banks in the Philippines.  They should have the personality that works in a nonprofit culture — that success isn’t just measured financially, but is also in serving the organization’s mission. Our Nonprofit CFO must also be a team player and people-oriented.

All the Mission of Hope Directors and Officers are volunteers and receive no compensation for their time and efforts. As our organization grows financially, compensation will and can be considered.

If you are interested in joining the Mission of Hope Team as CFO, please contact Teresa Quirante, CEO and founder at 615-866-8897 or by email


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