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The stories of our lives are written moment by moment. In how we’ve loved, in the day to day things that we’ve shared, and in the many ways we’ve touched others hearts. We have lost someone very special. Someone who will always be remembered as a wonderful influence in this world. I say world, because Bruce Littrell was a blessing to so many – especially our children in the Philippines that Mission of Hope supports.

With a natural sense of caring and with his kind and helpful ways, Bruce was instrumental in helping us file and achieve our non-profit status. As previous CFO and Board member for Mission of Hope, he helped grow our budget three-fold to assist literally hundreds of poor indigent students whose dream was to just finish school and get their degree. His love for others was truly reflected in his passion to help grow Mission of Hope so that no child ever went to bed hungry at night. Or that no child had to make a choice to eat that day or buy a bar of soap or a pencil for school. Not only did he touch their lives, but he exemplified our mission of loving others and serving the world!

We share in the families sorrow of losing such a special man. He will forever be on the hearts of the hundreds of students that have successful graduated from school in the Philippines.   He will personally be missed by me as a mentor and dear friend.

Teresa J. Quirante

Chief Executive Officer & President


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  1. Dear Theresa, I did not know this kind gentleman but I do feel the pain of his family’s loss as well as your loss as a great friend. The impact of his generosity and love will remain engraved in the hearts of those he touched. God bless you with peace and comfort, Lee

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    • Thank you Ate,
      He was instrumental in helping me get MOH approved as a non-profit and with significant fund raising. He loved these kids as much as I do. He always encouraged me to see the bigger picture. He was a great mentor and visionary. ~Teresa


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