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Basic Needs

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Project: Basic Needs

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Every year, the Mission of Hope Team provides the basic necessities to all the working students. Giving them the basics, helps them worry less about the day to day things that are needed and to focus more on their studies.



Items Needed Qty Approx Cost
Bars of Soap 825 $412.50
Toothbrush 825 $618.75
Toothpaste 825 $618.75
Hair Comb 825 $206.25
Shampoo 825 $825.00
Deodorant 825 $1,650.00
Detergent 825 $825.00
Washcloth 825 $1,006.50
Bath Towel 825 $2,409.00
Linen Set: 1 sheet/2 pillowcases 825 $5,024.25
Total $13,596

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