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Welcome Students!

Mission of Hope is offering scholarships to qualified students for college tuition to the Adventist University of the Philippines and to the Central Philippine Adventist College.

About Mission of Hope Scholarships: For the last seven years, we have invested in students who have shown leadership potential, not only in academics, but most importantly, in dedication and actions that have a positive impact on others. Students who have a passion for service and a work ethic that was developed at an early age and that has continued through their college years. The lasting legacy of Mission of Hope Scholars is thousands of extraordinary individuals who are fulfilling the promise they showed when they were awarded their scholarships. Our ever-increasing network of Scholars is becoming a powerful force for positive change throughout many communities. These alumni give back in powerful ways and become mentors themselves to the struggling working students who are waiting for their chance to succeed.

Our Mission & Vision: To provide scholarships to poor working students whose lifelong goal is to love God, love Others and serve the World and who have started this process by setting a goal to graduate from a Christian school. To develop an influential community of service-minded leaders, connected by Mission of Hope , who positively shape the world. With generous support from donors, the non-profit Mission of Hope –Philippines scholarship program can be one of the most powerful programs to impact families and communities everywhere.

Accountability: By any measure, the Mission of Hope – Philippines scholarship program has achieved outstanding results since its inception in 2009. Going forward, we will continue to support students who have the potential to become positive leaders.

Who can apply for the scholarship? Applications are received each semester from students attending the Adventist University of the Philippines or the Central Philippine Adventist College. The selection process we have developed ensures that each year we award scholarships to those who are most committed to serving others and to academic excellence. Preference is given to the following students who are active members of the WSA (Working Student Association):

  • Irregular Seniors who have attended AUP or CPAC for 8+ years and show a commitment to finishing their studies.
  • Seniors who have done consistently well in their studies and demonstrate a commitment to graduation.
  • WSA Officers
  • Juniors

Application Process? Applications are received by the WSA President and are verified by an WSA Officer and a member of the Guidance Department to meet the criteria of Mission of Hope.

  • Must be current member of WSA
  • Must fully complete MOH scholarship application by deadline set by WSA.
  • Application submitted to MOH President for approval
  • Scholarships are awarded based upon need and amount of money allocated for each semester.

Scholarship Guidelines

In order to be considered for the MOH Scholarship, the recipient must agree to the following:

  1. The MOH Scholarship is only to be utilized for academic purposes only including payment of tuition, student fees and miscellaneous fees.
  2. The recipient must maintain academic integrity and follow the University Guidelines
  3. The recipient must maintain a positive and healthy relationship with WSA
  4. Except under extraordinary circumstances, students are not allowed to withdraw MOH Scholarship funds from their account.
  5. In order to withdraw MOH Scholarship funds from the students account, the student must written permission from CEO, Teresa Quirante

Failure  to follow these guidelines will result in scholarship revocation and/or non-renewal of the MOH-Scholarship

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