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SNAP Farm Program

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Project: SNAP Farm Program

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It is easy to give, but it’s even better to teach and to provide. There’s an analogy on philanthropy: You can give a man a fish and he can eat for a day but it is better to teach the man to fish so he may eat for a lifetime. But what about the man who is fishing with little more than string and hook? Giving that man a lure, bait, and a rod would be massively beneficial to achievement.

That in essence is what Mission of Hope aims to accomplish by obtaining a parcel of land within the university campus that is suitable for farming, so that a farm program can be established. This farm will provide nutritious food for students and will generate income with the extra produce to supplement and eventually fully fund the rice and voucher program thus being a self-sustaining food and nutritional source for students.

       Help us keep the farming growing!!!!!!!  

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English Class

English Class



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